Monday, August 11, 2008

Triple H

Learning new techniques for scrapbooking is fun and its even better when the result of ones efforts come out this good! I had never dry-embossed before but seeing what my wife could do I just had to try it. I had this picture from one of the WWE shows that me and my kids have attented of the then world champion HHH standing on the ropes and displaying the world heavyweightbelt and I thought that thats just what I wanted to create. Adding the photo of the champ with my kids and then using a gold CS that I dry-embossed plus putting on some red "stones" that you have on the original belt I was more than happy with the end result. I do have to use that technique more because you can make a lot from nothing. The red rope that I incorporated into the bottom picture might be a bit to much but it does look better in real. The title was also a new technique my wife taught me, heat-embossing, and thats also really fun and the result is often stunning. The title is written and then heat-embossed with a shiny black powder and once again, I have to do that more often.

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