Wednesday, April 15, 2009

CM Punk

I have been waiting to do this one for some time, for numerous reasons! First of all I knew that I wanted to do the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. Why you might ask and the answer is quite simple. CM Punk has never revealed what the CM in his name stands for, a lot of people have guessed and Cookie Monster is one of of the guesses. Punk has never acknowledged that but he has shown that he appreciates the humour with that guess so I thought it would be fitting. Trying to find paper with the right colour and the "fluffyness" of the Cookie Monster proved to be quite difficult. I have bought quite a few different papers on the Internet but when they have arrived home they have either been the wrong colour or not fluffy enough. I tried to cut papers so they would look fluffy but that did not work out at all. Eventually it was my dear wife who found the paper and made my day (she actually always makes my day and I could not live without her). All the other papers are cardstock except the eyes (white) that are photo-papers. I wanted something really shiny white and that was the best choice.

Living apart from the scrapbooking room (and my wife) has proven to be quite difficult and I cant wait to move down to Karlstad in June/July. You never get to finish things since there is other stuff that has to be taken care of as well during my limited time in Karstad. I drew the templates for the letters and the Cookie Monster here in Falun and took them to Karlstad on one of our weekend trips. In Karlstad I cut them out but never had time to finish the LO. On our next trip I cut out the actual embellishments but never had time to glue it all together. The weekend after that I tried to glue it but chickened out when the monster started to fall apart. Comforting myself with cookies (what else?) during the week in Falun I persuaded my wife on the phone to help me with my little project and she did when me and the kids came down to keep her and the cat company the weekend after. If I ever have any problems with scrapbooking, or anything else to be honest, I can always turn to dear wifie and she solves it. Sometimes I should probably try a little harder myself first (I will work on that, I promise!)!

Anyways, I like the LO, it´s fun, just like the Cookie Monster! And it looks a lot better in real life, the "fluffyness" comes out more natural then.

The Cookie Monster with a mouthful of my son and CM Punk

A close up of the text and the hand that does not show so well on the photos but is much clearer in real.

Mickie James

The choice of embellishments and the actual layout for this one was easy. It just had to be a kiss! When we met Mickie James she was overjoyed about our sign that read We flew in from Sweden just to see Mickie James. She kissed the sign and left an inprint of her lips on it so I just had to incorporate that somehow. Mickie was also a very loveable person and not afraid to cuddle her fans (well at least my son got close as you can see on one of the photos) so I really wanted to make something "sweet" out of this one.

The background paper with all the kisses is made in Sweden, the lips and the backgrounds for the photos are Basic Grey and the text is a regular red cardstock. The nice bling suits Mickies persona perfectly and the roses, that I bought at Annas Scrapbooking in Karlstad, are just to symbolize that little extra that Mickie gave us. And they do look good as well! Everything is of course handcut and designed by myself. I am fairly happy with this one, it´s not so complicated and was not to hard to do and it came out just about the way I had imagined it (which is not always the case). I tried to keep it simple and maybe I should try that more often.

Strangely enough my son never looks that happy when I try to cuddle him, in fact he usually runs away instead!

A close up of the roses bought at "Annas...". One of these days I will try to make my own, ha!