Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio is one of the smallest wrestlers, if not the smallest, in the WWE but he is also one of their biggest stars. We have met Rey on several occasions but for different reasons photographs have never been taken. This year when we met him it we nearly missed out again since I was not quick enough with the camera when my son got an autograph from Rey. Luckily enough we met Rey the day after as well and this time I was ready and finally I got a picture for a Rey Mysterio LO.

I have used a lot of paper for this one. First a Basic Grey for the background which I stamped (Rhona Farrer) up with 619, Reys finishing move, then a lightblue Crate for the mask. A white CS and a shiny black CS for the details on the mask and then a black CS for the title and a grey CS for the background for the letters. A Crate-paper for the skin which I drew a little on and the eyes are drawn on white CS (I tried to cut out eyes in paper but I never got it to look good). A piece of bling on the cross and some stickles gave the mask a nice lift. The letters I have drawn myself (as the mask), cut out templates with a knife and then drawn them again on CS and cut again. It really took some time and I did not succeed on the first time with a few of them. But this time I did not give up and in the end it was worth it. The grey background made the letters look nicer and a little Glossy Accent on the letters as well created a nice effect. And finally my Mysterio-LO was finished. I am happy with it even though I probably should have chosen another background colour. But still, I think Rey would like this one just as much as he liked the sign that my son is holding on the photo, that one drawn by me as well!

The LO I have been waiting to create!

Stickles and bling, always a winner!

Glossy Accent, an invention just as important as the wheel!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Santino Marella, part two

Here is my second LO from our meeting with the WWE Intercontinental Champion, or in his case, Campione, Santino Marella. I did continue my Italy-theme, or at least I tried! After I was finished with it, I photographed it and left it on the table. Walking over to the other side of the table and seeing the LO upside down I discovered my blunder, I had put the red to the left and the green to the right. Completely wrong if you are trying to do the Italian flag! So another LO ruined by a stupid mistake. Apparently though I have grown as a person since I did not do what I usually do when I fail, curse, tear everything apart and throw a temper tantrum that would make any three year old so envious they would never scream again. I do confess that I did curse a little (in my world it was a little) and mope a bit but this time I solved the problem, or at least saved the LO a bit by adding four small Italian flags so it looks kind of color coordinated. Anyways, enough of the story and here is the important part, how I did:

First I chose my papers, red, "white" (not really white, more of a pale sand colour, but still) and green (in that order!) from the Crate collections Brunch and Crush. This was for the flag colours and I used Crate-paper to get some more life into the LO since CS is kind of stale. Then I also took another Crate-paper for the text. A light blue one to match the photo of Santino and me which has a blue tone. I then proceeded to draw Italy and cut it out by hand and that took some time. Many where the times that I wished Santino was from Colorado or any other square state in the US! But Italy it was and in the end it came out nicely. I used an overlay from Hambley as a photo mat under (makes total sence if you are me) the photos and Italy. The letters are Quickkutz Washington and I thought they matched the Italy-theme very well. I also glaced them (first time if you dont count baking) with Glossy accents from Tim Holtz Inkssentials. And you already know why I added the small Italian flags. All in all I think it was a good idea and it would have been real good if I could have remembered how the Italian flag looked before I put everything together.

The whole LO ...

and a close up of my first attempt at glacing.