Monday, August 11, 2008


Scrapbooking is so much more than I thought it was in the beginning. There are all the little things you can add and all the different techniques you can use. From not knowing anything I have at least taken a few fumbling steps forward and its mostly thanks to my wife who seems to master all the techniques. Seeing the paper that I chose for this LO with Edge and my kids she suggested that I should use sandpaper to make the photo look a bit more older and used. At firts I thought she was a bit crazy but since I know how good she is I trusted her and started sandpapering away. I like the result and it gives a bit more edge to this Edge-LO. I have since then used the sandpaper on other projects, with mixed results, but it is a very handy technique indeed and always useful with the Basic Grey collection that I do use a lot. At this point I still used a lot of alphabets for the cuttlebug and the Hippie Chick one is very nice. However I have come to the conclusion that its hard to be original using the alphabets so you have to either buy new ones all the time or cut out your own, and that is what I try to do mostly know even if you will see a lot of diecuts in the LO´s to come before I show my newer stuff.

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