Friday, August 15, 2008

Randy Orton times two

WWEs badboy number one is Randy Orton. There are many stories about him getting involved in troublein real life. We have met Randy twice and we can only say good things about him, he is truly a nice person who has really given us time and just because of that he is one of our favorite WWE Superstars, heel or not! I did want to do something special with the photos and I thought I had the perfect paper when I found this one from Creative Imaginations. The tribal pattern matched Randys tattoos perfectly and the colours where just right for the top photo. I just added some homemade letters to match the pattern and a Basic Grey paper as a photo mat that blended into the layout. I was more than happy but then I looked carefully at it. Not good at all! Its just not enough and that is a problem I do find quite often when working with this beautiful designer papers. They are so nice you dont want to change them and just adding photos on them does not feel creative at all. Anyways, I made up fo my lack of creativity on the next Orton LO.

This one I did not do much on either but I did do something original, and that is really what scrapbooking is about to me, trying new ways and trying things that you dont see a lot. Here I used a Basic Grey Dasher paper as background and it almost looks like sparks from the firework on the bottom photo and another Basic Grey paper that looked just like Randys shirt. I cut some strips out and had it run "through" Randy and added some drops for effect. The title I heatembossed on a title-mat that was similar to the Wrestlemania-sign on top. Its not really much more than the top LO but its something of my own and therefore something I am much more pleased with. And it does really look a lot better when seeing it for real.


Alycia Sanders said...

Hi Trent,

Your blog was linked on a scrapbooking forum that I visit and I had to check out the "man that scrapbooks."

Your work is great! Kudos to you and my, is your wife lucky! =)

Arvet said...

Jag håller med föregående inlägg. Så himla kul med en mer maskulin touch. Jag länge undrat varför man så sälan ser män och deras alster ute på nätet. Alla kan väl inte gå och smyga? Så himla kul att kunna dela intresse (och splitta på kostnaden?). Min man jobbar mycket med den digitala sidan i form av afficher, brochyrer osv så hans stil, färg och formkunnande är stort MEN att få honom att pröva irl verkar omöjligt tyvärr. Kul att kunna visa att riktiga män scrappar! =) Ha det gott båda två och lycka till med scrappingbanan. Härliga LO so far!