Friday, June 19, 2009

Arn Anderson

And here we go again and this time it is an LO with the former wrestler and member of the wrestlingstable The 4 Horsemen, Arn Anderson. For some time I have been quite proud of this photo and thats all because my son never had his photograph taken with this wrestling legend. For once it was an exclusive that only I was featured in but that is not the case anymore. Once again me and my son have been on a trip and this time he met Arn so I cant rub that in his nose anymore! Still it was worth the trip since I have a bunch of new photos with both me, my son and most of the wrestlers from the WWE RAW-brand so I have booked a seat in the scrapbooking room for this summer.

Back to the LO, after reading the above you can all count out why I have four horses on the LO. The template for the horse I drew some time ago when my wife was going to make a birthday-card for a friends daughter (or something like that). I cut out a nice brown horse for my wife and she was happy with it. I was also happy with the template but could not for the world find a place on my LO´s for a horse. Arn Anderson changed that. I also cut out a black shade in sort of velvet paper which is quite nice in reality but not so good on photos. So it was basically 8 horses that had to be cut out, by hand of course, and it did take some time and some patience as well. I might not be the most patient guy but this time I managed to keep the "#@*-words to a minimum. When finished I glued the horse plus shade together and then I mounted (haha, sometimes I am hilarious!) them on 3D-cushions. The background for the photo is a Basic Grey paper which I thought looked similar to the T-shirt I am wearing on the photo. Black and white flowers and other stuff (sometimes I do question my "maleness"). The swirls are from Quickutz and the fonts I just made myself after finding something similar on the computer. I also cut out shades for them in a dark shiny CS. A little stickles here and there and it was ready. I like the black/white theme with some sparkling shiny silver bits and I am quite proud of my horses but somehow I just did not like this one. It kind of looks nice but there is nothing special about it. Well well, you cant be happy with everything and I do have quite a few ideas for the next ones so I am not to sad over this.

Arn Anderson, the Enforcer, and me, the missing link!

A close up of one of my mounted horses.

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