Wednesday, September 2, 2009

John Cena, part 1

Lately I have used this sentence quite a lot, "It´s been some time since I scrapbooked ..." and thats not an understatement! Since we moved to Karlstad from Falun there just has not been any time for that, even thou my last project has been in the making for a couple of months. Strangely enough, after beeing extremly satisfied with the finished result, I discovered I had made a very similar LO before! I had no idea that I had when I was creating this one and I had certainly no intention to make a similar one either. It kind of took away some of the joy! Still, I am happy with this one in it´s simplicity even thou it was not simple to make. The LO features the WWE wrestler and movie star John Cena and me. My son and I were fortunate again to stumble over the wrestlers on our last trip and since we both had our photos taken with most of them I have a bundle to scrap. Next up is John Cena and my son.

So the actual LO then. Four different papers from Basic Grey (oh yeah!), Cosmo Cricket, Crate and Prima Marketings Cavalier Collection. The idea was simply to mimic one of John Cenas logos and somehow get myself and him into the mix. It was hard getting the big round shapes round(!) and to get them to fit and that took some time and some patience. The patience was really tested when I cut out the letters that I made in a military style and tried to glue them onto the LO. QuicKutz QuickStik proved to be a life saver. The round yellow background I chose since Cena has the same shape on his yellow T-shirt and my letters are in the same colour as the ones on his shirt. I was going to fix a white shade as well but decided that it was to difficult to get it perfect so I glazed the letters instead. I like glaze=). Not much more done really except some chalking and a ... of a job trying to fit and glue everything together. I do think that everything is perfectly fitted, to the millimeter! The next one is even more complicated so we will just have to wait and see how long that takes. So, here it is,

John Cena and me, the Chain Gang!

A close up of my letters and glazing. Sometimes I do think that I am good, even great has crossed my mind!

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ulrika_m said...

Yes, darling, you are great! (And the glazing looks even better IRL, believe it or not).