Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ted DiBiase Jr

Sometimes I feel that my ideas for LO´s are a bit to complicated and that they take far to long to create. And since me and my family are in the midst of moving to another town I cant really have any projects laying about. But I really wanted to make one more LO before we moved so I started to think of something more traditional. A regular ordinary scrapbooking LO, thats what I call this. I made it just in time, there were but a few boxes left to be carried out from the scrapbooking room when the final touches were fixed to the LO. Had I continued for a few minutes more I might have traveled to Karlstad in a moving van instead of our car since the moving crew carried everything, without exception, out from our old house. It will take some time till I make my next LO since I am staying behind in Falun for a few months with our kids (so they can finish their respective class in school). My wife will hopefully keep the scrapbooking room warm until I move down and fill it up with lots of new stuff that I can try when the rest of the family sets sail for Karlstad (and I have no doubt that she wont!). Anyways, here it is, regular scrapbooking with a touch of Trent. Everything is of course handcut and I made all the templates myself. The idea for the lightning bolt and the letters above it I gladly stole from Elvis Presley´s TCB, Taking Care of Business. The letters for Ted DiBiase I cut out from cheap white cardboard and coloured myself plus added a little red stickles. Some bling, some tearing, chalking and the thought that three is a magic number made me think that ordinary scrapbooking aint half bad! I could have told you what brand of papers I used but the piece of paper I wrote everything down on magically disappeared in the process of moving. All I know is that its seven different designer papers plus the white cardboard.

Ted DiBiase, a really nice guy, and my son, a really nice son.

A close up of my handywork!


ulrika_m said...

I looove this layout, darling! It's nice to see you discover and try out new techniques in your designs.

(And yes, you are absolutely right, I have already started to fill our new scraproom with lovely goodies for you to check out whenever you want. Still love me?)

Anna said...

Du är duktig med saxen du!!! Jag är imponerad! Har bloggat om dig i min privata blogg:
Hälsa din fru!!!!!!!
Mvh Anna på Annas Scrapbooking

Cornelia said...

Men hallå där!
Min DT-kollega har en man som KAN!

Säger bara: WOW!!! vilka grejor du gör!!!!